Myofascial Release
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A three-dimensional, connective tissue matrix, the fascia is one unit that touches and communicates with all our other systems. Fascia is found under the skin and continues to permeate the body, surrounding and weaving its way around and through muscles and their fibres, nerve fibres, spinal cord, bone and organs.

Providing form, cohesion, separation and support, the fascia allows neighbouring structures to glide effortlessly without irritation or discomfort. The healthy functioning of the fascia allows the body to move with ease and assists in the health of our whole-body system.

The skill of a myofascial release therapist comes from their patience, intuition and heightened kinaesthetic touch. Practitioners apply a gentle, sustained pressure or compression into fascial restrictions to address tightness and increase mobility in the tissues. The hands-on techniques are designed to create change in the fascial structure to alleviate pain and support healthy body posture and movement.

What myofascial release can help with

Chronic and acute pain

Physical trauma



Compressed nerves

Repetitive stress injuries.

Frequently asked questions about myofascial release

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